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Model Integrated Mechatronics
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A new paradigm

for the Model Driven Development of Mechatronic Manufacturing Systems

Model Integrated Mechatronics (MIM) is a new paradigm in the development of Mechatronic Manufacturing Systems.

MIM promotes model integration not only in implementation space artefacts but also during the early analysis and design phases of the development process.

MIM exploits the Model Driven Architecture and the IEC61499 function block approach, to allow the MechaTronic System (MTS) builder to compose the design model of the system from already existing MechaTronic Component (MTC) descriptions and proceed through an automated model transformation process to the implementation model of the system.

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The need for MIM

The traditional approach for the development of manufacturing systems considers the constituent parts of the system i.e. mechanical, electronic and software, to be developed independently and then integrated to form the final system. This approach is inappropriate for the complexity and the dynamics of todays systems.

current mechatronic design practices are wholly inappropriate for problems characterized by complexity, dynamics and uncertainty, as today MTSs
G. Rzevski,

On conceptual design of intelligent mechatronic systems, Mechatronics, 2003.

changes in the construction and the controller is important to be evaluated simultaneously during the design

a badly designed mechanical system will never be able to give a good performance by adding a sophisticated controller.
J.Amerognen, Mechatronic design, Mechatronics, 2003.

Source:  K. Thramboulidis, Model Integrated Mechatronics: An Architecture for the Model Driven Development of Mechatronic Systems, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, pp. 497-502, Istanbul, Turkey 2004.

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