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CORFU ESS is an IEC-compliant Engineering Support System that extends the IEC61499 model to cover requirements specifications through the  use of UML.

An Engineering Support System (ESS), as defined in IEC61499, is a system that supports the design, implementation, commissioning and operation of Industrial-Process Measurement and Control Systems (IPMCSs) (i.e. distributed control applications).

For more information on CORFU ESS please refer to related publications .

CORFU ESS adopts a hybrid approach for the development of IPMCSs  that integrates UML with the Function Block concept. The current implementation integrates IBM's Rose with the CORFU FBDK, however any other general purpose CASE Tool that supports UML can be utilized with minimum effort.

CORFU ESS is fully compatible with the Archimedes System Platform that can be used for the deployment and execution of the created FB design models. The SISTEP case study demonstrates this integration.

CORFU FBDK is composed of:


The currently available prototype implementation of CORFU FBDK was developed with Borland's Delphi IDE and supports in co-operation with Archimedes System Platform almost all of the phases of the development process of IPMCSs.



The picture above provides an overview of how the IBM's Rose diagrams are mapped to IEC61499 compliant FB design diagrams. Details can be found in related publications.

FB Network Execution
version 0.8 supports the  execution of IEC61499 Function Block Networks at design time for the verification of the design